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First thing that comes to an individual’s mind after reading the title is “impossible”. No, this is not a click bait but an actual possibility if you opt for Premier UK Business’ Consulting Services. From opening a bank account to provision of contracts for your employees, this firm covers all the relevant requirements in minimum time and a very equitable cost. With minimal essential requirements, you can have your dream of entrepreneurship fulfilled within 24 hours! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open a business abroad? There are sure to be perks for running a business in a developed country but one does not take into account the cons along with the pros of running such a business. When researching for where to set up businesses abroad, that achieves most profit along with numerous perks, one of the top most countries that comes up is UK, as it grants opportunities to entrepreneurs on a large scale. Entrepreneurship rings a certain alluring bell in
one’s ear but it is not a piece of cake; it takes real mettle to succeed.

What is Required?

There are certain prerequisites for preparation for the

• A viable business idea and plan is the most important thing for setting up a business. A proper market research, a target market and a proper demand for certain commodities or services should be ascertained before setting up.

• Eligibility for legally setting up a business in UK.

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Eligibility Requirements:

There are certain eligibility requirements a person needs to fulfil, especially in UK, some of which are enumerated as following:

1. Financial Resources. Sufficient funds should be available as explained in the following point.

2. Application of Visa prior to setting up. 3 types of Visa can be applied: Entrepreneur visa UK (which requires an investment of £50,000 for setting up a business), Graduate entrepreneur visa UK (which requires endorsement from the UK Department for International Trade or a higher education institution) and Investor visa (which requires an investment of £2 million in the UK

3. Consideration of the appropriate legal structure for one’s business. Sole trading needs National Insurance Number, and registration as self-employed with HM Revenue and Customs, which makes it the tougher option for foreigners to opt for. If one opts to set up a limited company in
UK, it takes registration with Companies House for Corporation Tax, a director and a shareholder, and relevant documentation, and it is a relevantly smoother process than the former.

4. Choosing a business name that has not already been taken up.

Why select Premier UK Business?

Considering that businesses these days need consulting, one must opt for a set up that provides information plus statistics for variable set ups. Our company provides one such consulting business that helps not only fill in the gaps for setting up a client’s business in UK but also walks along the path to his idea’s fruition till the end.

Lets paint a picture to have a better planning and proposal for your business.
Enlisting a number of services that this consultancy firm provides to its clients below:

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1. Registering and setting up your UK company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) within just 24 hours.

2. Developing the business structure, drawing up a budget and managing cash flow. Keeping costs low and quality and the output profitable. This includes marketing research and even coming up with a suitable name for your business if not decided previously.

3. Provision of an ideal location in UK, to build presence of one’s business according to the business image. This ranges from business addresses with mail handling and forwarding to permanent offices with meeting rooms and ad-hoc London meeting rooms. Both virtual and physical offices can be arranged, according to the need of the business.

4. Arranging personal and business insurances.

5. Opening bank account in UK (business and personal). If account is not opened, a full refund is issued. A meeting with the relevant Bank Manager is arranged for opening the bank account. The investor is also prepared for the meeting to ensure smooth transition of the processes.

6. Advice on corporate accounting, bookkeeping and taxation, enhancing your tax efficiency (Inclusive of family settlement trusts, investment in property, taxation structure of the business).

7. Compliance to all rules, regulations and laws for business development and set up in UK.

8. Registration for VAT, if required.

9. Organising communications. 24/7 Ongoing support from a local team which has hands on experience and knowledge about businesses in UK. Call answering and voicemail is also provided by the team.

10. Outsourcing of entire team of HR, accountants and related finance function, so one can concentrate on other aspects of the business.

11. Record keeping in terms of business performance reports, forecasts and budgets.

12. Setting up pensions for employees.

13. Leasing for vehicles and equipment.

14. Understanding and handling all legal issues in UK. Checking if there are any separate regulations for the proposed business.

15. Responding to all queries in a timely manner.

16. Handling of VAT and yearly Corporation Tax returns

Last but not the least…

It should also be considered that the employees of Premier UK Business are accredited by various prestigious organisations and has a vast experience of more than 4 decades as business advisors in UK. Even though the number of employees in this firm has grown in number, every one of its employees is as committed to the company’s motto of launching and growing international businesses as its pioneers. One of the foremost problems a person faces while establishing a business abroad is lack of trust from a client’s side. Imagine having to pay a certain amount in an account based abroad, without ever being certain that the product delivered will be of promised quality. Even the deliverance of said product or service is not ascertained. With such issues in mind, the best way out is to get consultation with a trusted consulting services which not only helps a person set up businesses abroad but also acquires a bank account and a certain suitable team for them which ensures that quality product is delivered in desired time

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