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Living in Greece while setting up a business in the UK may not seem feasible for an entrepreneur. You envisage facing many challenges and road blocks, but with the help of SMEs consultants based in UK, this feat is accomplished with relative ease.  

Premier UK Business not only helps with the company formation and its registration process but also helps open the best UK bank account. Along with that it provides ongoing support from a local team which has hands on experience and knowledge about businesses in the UK.
From business conception, its launch in the UK to its prosperity, we are your proactive partners. Our services are tailored to tackle every problem that arises, which ascertains that you concentrate your energy and time on your business. Covering all elements of accountancy, our services will help you execute your business plan and accomplish your business goals, and will provide support in the future.

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Services built around your business

Each business has a different concept, execution plan, target market and profitability, thus competent accountancy services should be provided which conform to the demands of that business.

Our dedicated team at Premier UK Business takes out time to fully understand the pre-requisites and then cater to your needs accordingly. We provide the perfect amalgamation of services to fulfill all your requirements. Our services range from record keeping in terms of business performance reports, forecasts and budgets to externalizing of entire team of HR, accountants and related finance function. Whatever you need, we provide in accordance to your cost and budget with maximum profitability. We work as an extension to your business, tailoring our services to meet your business requirements.



A Complete Solution

An instant network of UK business contacts

Starting an international business in London and the wider UK for a non-resident requires the right connections and professional network to set up the business. In such a versatile and opportune market, our team of professionals not only helps cover all the aspects of accountancy, but also helps provide the right contacts to help you through all the facets of business launch to its growth. These may include, but are not limited to, setting up a UK bank account, setting up pensions for employees and leasing of vehicles and equipment, if required.


Global Clientele

Visibility on an international scale

We live in the digital age and thus have online accountancy systems for your easy access and monitoring of how your business is performing in the UK. From monthly scheduled reports, to constantly updated metrics, everything is delivered to you so you do not miss any global deadlines and targets. Our online system is updated 24/7 and monthly reports are delivered on an agreed timetable. If this is not your preferred choice, as an alternate, we can update your existing accounting systems according to your needs. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the time difference or go through the inconvenience of contacting us. Nonetheless, your Account Manager will be available on call during UK office hours if you need further assistance or an update. Your need will be always catered to by us.

Business Setup

  • UK Business registration

  • Business structure, development and

  • Bank account setup (business & personal)


Ongoing Support


  • Corporate accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice

  • Business performance reporting, budgets and forecasting

  • Property investment in the UK

  • Tax advice (including family settlement trusts)

Your UK Presence

  • Virtual offices and physical premises

  • A business address with mail handling and forwarding

  • Call answering and voicemail

  • Offices and meeting rooms

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